Thursday, March 22, 2007

Alleviating Asthma With Exercise

I wrote the other day about singing the chakra sounds while I exercise. Why would I do a fool thing like that?

It started out as an experiment to see if it would help my lungs.
I’m somewhat asthmatic. For the past few years I’ve inhaled an Edgar Cayce product each night that staved off most problems, and I've kept away from most of the triggers.
Then I read a newspaper article a year or so about some asthma sufferers who took up playing the tuba or some such and it improved their lung capacity.

The chakra sounds were part of my day already so I decided to do them while exercising just to see what happened.

I noticed the improvement right away. Shortly after I started I went for a real bike ride and was able to talk to my husband while peddling.

Last spring I stopped using the product routinely. It’s been nearly a year and I’ve only needed it twice.
I’m grateful that I’ve got it, but I’m even more grateful that I rarely need it.

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Nneka said...

Hi Leah, I have asthma as well. I started singing in my choir to improve my lung capacity. Worked wonders.

This time of year, I depend on Advair though because of all the pollen in the air.

I'll try humming the chakra sounds while exercising. I'm sure it'll be a bonus.

In Spirit,