Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Making My Day

I’ve found over the years there are some things I have to do to ensure a good day. Getting up early, as I wrote in a previous post, is one of them.

I have to exercise. Some stretches for a knee I messed up a few years ago, a few minutes on a stationary bike while singing (I use the term loosely) the Chakra sounds, and recently, yoga.

Currently I’ve do five poses. They’re getting easier and I can hold them a few seconds longer each day. And I’ve noticed that when I have to reach up to get something out of a cupboard I can keep my feet flat and stretch out leg and arm muscles instead.

I think better after I’ve exercised. I feel better physically and it lifts my mood.

My morning prayer cycle is important. It’s where I thank the God/Universe for all I have and ask for specific help.
Sometimes it’s to make sure I get the house cleaned. Other times it’s to have a good day in general, and some days I like to have a bit of writing help, kind of like spiritual chocolate.

I have to have some quiet in the morning. If there’s noise it sours me.

It’s better if I take some time to meditate later on in the day. If I don’t I can always do it while I’m falling asleep.
It’s important to read the newspaper while I eat breakfast.
It’s good to watch the birds.
Then I can get to work.

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Talia said...

I have never mastered yoga. I don't think it suits my dosha (is that a cop out or what LOL). I like bursts of activity like dancing, although leisurely walking is also enjoyable.

it's fantastic you know what works for you. I like to start the day by sitting outside in the fresh air and drinking a glass of water with lemon juice. I wish the lemons would hurry up and ripen!