Monday, March 26, 2007

Sound Spiritual Health

Chakras are your spiritual energy centers. Each one has a corresponding emotion, organ, and color.
Keeping them clear and balanced helps keep you clear and balanced.

In a recent post I talked about voicing the chakra sounds while I exercise.
The specific vowel sounds which balance and clear the chakras are from top to bottom:

Uuhhhhh - root

Oooooo - sacral

Oooohhhhh - solar plexus

Aaaaaahhh - heart

Aayyyee - throat

Eeeeeeee – crown

I’ve found that making the sounds every day is good spiritual maintenance.
I make each sound three times starting from the root and moving logically through to the crown.

If one is a bit rough or doesn’t seem right I go back to it after the cycle is complete.

Sounding can help in many ways. For example, if your creativity needs a boost, then sing the sound for the sacral chakra since it’s the one that governs creativity.

If you’re not speaking up when you should, then give your throat chakra some attention.

I’m sure you get the idea. Happy chakra-ing

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