Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Working Order

I’ve re-ordered the chapters in my manuscript. It was the first order of business after reading it aloud last week. When that was done I realized my glorious manuscript was…um…randomly organized.

Now that it’s in order I feel as though I’ve truly accomplished something.
It’s got some good flow to it now, and that’ll be a great help during rewriting.

My ideas are where they should be. I can see where meditations have to be fixed, and where I’ve assumed my readers will know what I’m talking about.

Fixing the chapter orders alone showed me I needed to plump up the meditations. I also realized I should rework some of the deepening techniques I’m including to help users get to a good, working trance state.

Best if all it’s shown me the manuscript’s shortcomings.
The random order it was in led me to believe that important points needing to be covered were in it somewhere. All I had to do was find them and slot them where they belonged.

Well, I certainly meant to write them.

It’s easier to see what needs more explanation and the areas where I’ve explained something more than once. Because if this, it’s easier to spot the questions someone new to meditation and/or hypnosis would have. Now that I’ve spotted them I can answer them.

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