Monday, October 29, 2007

Gratitude Monday – Soul Restocking

It’s Monday again and I am happy. Another week starts full of hope and possibilities.

The past week ended with a lovely walk in the West Country yesterday and lunch in Nordegg. It was once a thriving coal town on the edge of the Rockies, but the mine has been closed for more than 50 years. Tours of it are available in the summer, but mostly the area is devoted to recreation.

It’s in the mountains with plenty of camping, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and most anything else you want to do right at it’s doorstep. It’s also got a hotel, restaurant, gas station and small store and it’s very busy during summer and hunting season.

It’s about 50 miles west of Rocky and an easy, scenic drive. I’m grateful for that. A trip out west restocks the soul.

So another week starts and anything can happen. Events are good, bad or indifferent depending on our perspective. I’m going to make an effort to keep mine focused on good.

From the walk around Goldeye Lake


the Bag Lady said...

Lovely photo, dfLeah.
The Bag Lady is very, very grateful today that the fence is done! Yahoo!! We got some help from one of the neighbours yesterday, and finished everything except the gate, so those pesky elk will be foiled this year!!

Anonymous said...

So I'm grateful I don't have to worry about pesky elk, for one!

Thanks for the reminder, Leah, to start the week off with a positive attitude and plenty of gratitude.

(I actually have tons of real stuff to be grateful for too, not just freedom from imaginary elk herds roaming the streets of the san francisco bay area).

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Sounds lovely! I so enjoy the mountains, and living on the Gulf Coast can be hard in that respect.

Today I'm grateful to have my boss out, to have no one outside my office window mowing, weed-eating, leaf-blowing or installing hurricane shutters, and to have a fun new short story in the works.

Leah J. Utas said...

dfBagLady - Glad you've foiled the elk.

Crabby - being postive goes a long way in making life fun.

Bunnygirl- Sounds like you are having a quiet time today. That's good.
Congrats on the fun new short story.

Hilary said...

"dfBagLady - Glad you've foiled the elk."

Why do I have this image of an elk wrapped in aluminum?

Lovely photo and post, Leah

Reb said...

Great post Leah, love the photo. I am grateful that I can correct my typing mistakes before you all can read them. (especially bad today for some reason) I am also grateful for this mornings bus driver, he was a minute late, so I was able to catch the bus and then he didn't kick me off when I realized I forgot my tickets and was a bit short of change. (One of those idiot days)

Leah J. Utas said...

Hilary - I never thought of it that way, but I suppose if you were to cook campfire elk that would be the way to go.

Reb- I'm glad the bus was late and the driver was kind.

Glad the photo was a hit.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

df Leah,

I always love your nature pictures and this one reminds me how lucky I am to live a block away from a 600+ acre park, complete with kettle ponds left over from the end of the Ice Age.