Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Head Case

I kissed the floor with my forehead the other night. It’s been five days and I’m finally able to get at some of the deeper functions of my mind. I could think and get by, but that was about it. I didn’t feel like I could have any sort of competent, intellectual conversation. Critical thought simply was not available.

I’d gotten up in the night and felt woozy. I “browned out” at least twice and combated it by taking great amounts of air into my tummy to ward off the nausea and pain and directed some air into my brain in a feeble attempt to clear the wooze. The third time it happened I was drying my hands and had to brace myself against the wall for a moment.

It’s only 10 feet back to bed. I can make it, I thought. Then I opened the bathroom door and promptly made a liar out of myself.

After we determined that everything still worked, Mike carried me to bed and got me an ice pack. He thought I ought to go to Emergency. I disagreed.
I held on to a smoky quartz to ease the pain and swelling and asked Archangel Raphael to heal me. I brought green, healing light into my body and held malachite, too.
This combination did wonders. I still had pain, but it eased off beautifully.
At Mike’s suggestion I put Bach Rescue Cream ™ on the swelling to ward off bruising and it’s worked really well. The only discoloration is close to my eye where I didn’t want to put any of the cream. It looks like eye shadow or maybe runny mascara.
I guess I needed the rest. I was unable to write, or think terribly deeply, until mid-evening yesterday. Today I’m much better. Still some swelling and a slight headache, but it’s tolerable.

Many alternatives are available to us when we’re sick or injured. Modern medicine is wonderful, but it’s not the only option. The Bach ® flower essence did a great job. I know the smoky quartz gave me a great deal of relief. I even rested my poor swelled head on it. That should have hurt, but it didn’t. Quartz is cold, for one thing, and it was very soothing.
I’d never recommend not seeking proper medical attention. But for me, specific to this incident, the alternatives worked.

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