Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Life is proceeding normally. Got a rejection from a major Canadian publishing house today. Standard issue. Said it wasn’t right for their list and included an apology for bringing me disappointment.
Not right for the list covers a lot of ground. It can mean anything from your writing is laughable to it’s the wrong subject for what that publisher puts out. Mostly it’s to ward off stalkers.
Plenty of Golden Word Syndrome suffers cannot conceive of a world where their priceless prose could ever be rejected. If they’re turned down it’s a) a mistake, or b) the editor knows what I can do to make it perfect and she’ll tell me if I call and it’ll be accepted on the next try and if I could just talk to her I know she’d realize the error of her ways and offer me a contract.
Everyone gets rejected. I’m in good company. I need to work on my writing. Keep going. Keep learning. Keep sending out queries and proposals.
That’s what I’ll be doing in the next few days. I’ve let the query and proposal for book three collect dust for six months now. I’ve sniffed it over a few times and licked it clean again. It's ready to go. Bring on the rejections. I’m ready.

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simplicity said...

Do not let those rejections hinder you. Keep afloat. Keep pursuing your life dreams...You can do it!