Friday, January 12, 2007


How do you know you didn’t live before? Can you prove this is your first and only life?
You’re welcome to believe it. Do what fits your spiritual outlook and your comfort level.
But it you subscribe to the belief that life isn’t a one-shot affair, and you further believe that the people in your life have been with you before, then it’s reasonable to conclude that you’ve got some business with them. Karma maybe. Or maybe they’re offering a lesson that you’ve decided to have in this life.
But whatever it is, if you’re having difficulty understanding your life experiences, then exploring your past lives can give you a whole new set of tools for dealing with these events. Past-life regression can be exhilarating, traumatic, fun, terrifying, enlightening, and life-changing, all in one session. When you see friends and family today as the people they were once it gives you a different perspective on them. You may become more objective, understanding, or even kinder and more accepting in your view of them. And you’ll gain more understanding of your life choices, too.

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