Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let Your God Essence Grow

We’re all God. Never mind the word you use, or what you perceive God to be, we’re all from the same Source.
Think of the All That is as a great blob of light that exploded one day and sent shards of light out. Some of the blob stayed intact and it’s the mission of the shards to experience all they can about the physical world, then bring that info back to the main body.
Prior to the explosion the physical world existed. It needed to be animated. Plants, animals, water, rocks, you name it. If it has a consciousness, then a shard of light can inhabit it and have a life in it. When it’s experienced enough for one go-round the shard goes home for a rest. It determines what should be experienced next, then sets about finding the conditions to meet that need.
Eventually the shard learns all it can and gets re-absorbed into the main blob.
That shard of light inside is our God essence. Everyone’s got a God essence and it’s learning what it needs or wants in order to find its way home someday and stay.

Remembering that we’re all the same inside is difficult. We’re bombarded daily with war, conflict, crime, and a growing sense of entitlement in society.
It’s easy to see the shard of light in someone you love. It’s a challenge to see the God essence of Mr. No-Muffler when he warms his truck up at 4 a.m. But that’s when we need to remember it the most.

Try this exercise. Next time annoyed with someone, say when you’re in the express line behind someone with 20 items instead of ten.
Do you question this shopper’s right to exist? I know I do. But we know nothing about her situation. Is she in a hurry Does she have a sick child at home? Will she lose her job if she comes back from lunch late?

Instead of fuming about being stuck in line, calm yourself. Open your heart and mind your mind. Assess her body language, clothing, speech. Make a game of it. Think about what might be happening in her life.
Then concentrate on the spark of light inside you. Feel it, and let it grow. When you’ve filled your body with light imagine a thread of it growing from you to her. Let your God essence find hers.
Instead of being irritated you’ll likely feel good. When we send out love it comes back to us in many forms. It generates good will in the Universe.
You’ll need that good will someday because to someone else you are the obnoxious lout in the lineup.

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