Monday, January 15, 2007

List Your Abundance

We’ve got more than we think. We don’t realize it because we go day to day without giving it much thought. It’s easier to see what we don’t have enough of, like time and money.
It’s common to stack our belongings against our perception of everyone else’s. We dwell on only taking a week’s vacation when the neighbors went for two weeks, or lament that their plasma TV is bigger and newer.
We’re spoiled, shallow, and empty. We’ve bought into the silly notion that bigger and newer is always better. If we can’t afford it, then we’ve failed. We turn to credit to help us fit in with society because that new toy is important to our happiness. Credit exists. Why not use it?
Big new toys make us feel important, successful, and abundant. They fill the hole ripped in our psyches from not taking the time to appreciate what we do have.
What to do?
The first step is to determine what you’ve got. Document your abundance.
Get a pen and paper and make a list. Start with the basics.
Look around your house. You’re indoors, right? Then you’ve got a roof over your head.
Have you got food in the fridge? Cable television? A car?
What else have you got?
If you’ve got food, clothing, and shelter, then you’re leaps and bounds ahead of the millions of homeless and starving people in North America alone.
Write down everything you can think of including the clean air you breathe and the potable water from your kitchen tap.
Funny thing is, when you make this list you begin to understand how much you have.
Include your friends and family on you list, too.
If you immediate wants and needs are met, then you’ve got real abundance. Acknowledge it and be grateful for it. Many people around you and millions more around the world consider you rich.

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Talia said...

I agree in listing what you have and focusing on that, rather than what you don't have.

Gratitude has shown to be helpful for lifting mood and even overcoming depression. The more we focus on the people and things that we are grateful for, the more positive we feel.