Sunday, January 21, 2007

Aware, Not Asleep

"I wasn’t really hypnotized."

No one ever thinks he or she was hypnotized. I’ve said it myself.
Clients report they were alert and awake through the session. Because we’re conditioned to equate hypnosis with sleep, we expect to slumber through it not really aware of our surroundings. We expect it because the word hypnosis is from the Greek word hypnos which means sleep.

In reality the relaxed and focused awareness of the proper hypnotic state makes us sharply aware. Our minds are commonly instructed to ignore the surroundings, but we still know exactly what’s going on.

Being able to ignore all the usual distraction, coupled with the suggestion to the subconscious that the deeper doorways of the mind are open, is what let’s us get at those long dormant memories. Everything we’ve experienced in this life is filed away. We use what we need. Generally we don’t need to recall the exact events of our third birthday party, but we if we want to, then we can through hypnosis.

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