Monday, May 28, 2007

Daily Angels

Giving love, receiving love, and being kind and considerate to others shouldn’t be difficult but it is.
Or so we tell ourselves anyway.
In part it’s because we’ve built a world that runs too fast and eats up too much time. We use too much energy trying to save our energy. We work too hard trying to relax. Instead of being rejuvenated, we’re exhausted, ill-tempered, and unfulfilled.

Our constant communication with email and cell phones has left us more isolated than ever. We stay in contact without touching anyone. We’re so busy working toward bigger, better and more that we don’t honor and respect what we’ve got. We don't honor and respect ourselves and we don't honor the world around us.

That’s where love warriors come in. They’re everywhere. They’re the alternative healers, organic food growers, war protesters, accountants, soccer moms, lawyers, and construction workers to name a few, and they’re the true psychics who take away our fears and our outright dismissal of what we can’t see or touch.

Are you a love warrior? For many it’s a knowing. You have the feeling that you have to do something, but don’t understand it yet. You don’t know what it is; you just know you’re here to help. Follow that feeling.

Some might waken to it after they’ve done something that sets other, bigger events in motion. All cogs in the wheel must turn for the gears to function properly.
Some don’t wake up at all. They’re still doing their part and their purpose is probably the most important of all. They are here to treat everyone with love. By doing it they show the way for the rest of us.

Warrior in this case means someone willing to stand up and counteract all the negativity of the world with the greatest force in the Universe: love.
They come in two types. Some are here to take an active role while others go quietly about their lives making their world a little better.

The second type refers to people who are always kind and loving. It’s part of their pre-birth agreement. They live their lives from a basis of love rather than fear, and they respect the Earth and all her creatures.My guides called them “daily angels,” and many are here with us. They go about their business helping as they can and treating others well.
We can all learn how to do it.
With a bit of practice we can all be this way.


Crabby McSlacker said...

I meet people like this and I'm blown away by their groundedness and generosity.

I'm not one myself.

Though I feel things passionately, and sometimes get involved in causes, they often seem to be ones that benefit me, or people who seem "like me" in some fundamental way, or people (or animals) who seem totally innocent and haven't "caused" their own distress.

I admire those whose love and generosity aren't constrained by their own sense of who is deserving. I'm not forgiving enough of fundamental human nature to be an angel. (Even a grouchy one). But I do truly admire those people who are.

Leah J. Utas said...

I'm far from a daily angel myself, Crabby.
All we can do is try. If you're getting involved in causes, you're already doing your part.
And you come to my blog and leave great comments. That's a loving thing to do, too.