Friday, May 4, 2007

Of Course I Can

Affirmations, mantras, incantations, spells, call ‘em what you will; they work.
Distilled down to their simplest form they’re a strong positive statement expressed repeatedly. When you say something over and over it gets imprinted. It becomes real. It is real.

Simple is best because it’s easy to remember and easy to use.
If you’ve got several areas to work on you might find yourself skipping about excitedly trying to change everything at once.

I know. I’ve done it.

It scatters the energy too much at a time when it ought to be focused. You’ll get some changes, but the attempt is half-hearted. That makes it easy to declare affirmations as useless.

“They’re too hard,” you might say. “I’m not going to bother. And they don’t work anyway.”

This clears the way for you to stop trying so you can get back at all that important grumbling you’ve been doing.

Do you realize your grumbling carries the same amount of energy and does the same thing as the affirmations? You’re inculcating problems when you could use the same focus and energy to rid yourself of them.
That’s your choice, of course. Do what you want.

Do you want to change? Do you want to stop wasting energy feeding your problems? Are you looking for a place to start?
Here’s a simple declaration to get you going. I recently started using this because I’ve been scattering my energy instead of focusing it.
I wanted something on the ground level to build on and I decided this declaration was the best foundation:

“Of course I can.”

Use it or discard it as you see fit.

Want more affirmations? LaUna Huffines has some good ones at Path of Light.

And you can always make your own.

Think you can't?

Of course you can.


Dawn said...

I've been as guilty as anyone of this energy scattering, Leah. I like your approach.

Of course I can!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I totally agree--I think focused attention and affirmations can be very effective.

I used to be better about doing them--but my need for them seems to come and go a bit. If I seem to be on track towards things I'm working on in my life, I let them slide and don't feel too badly about it.

But affirmations come in very handy when I'm feeling stuck--thanks for the reminder!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Dawn
And you're welcome, Crabby.
I appreciate that the two of you stop by regularly. I always look forward to your comments.