Thursday, May 3, 2007

Booting The Past From The Present

Does your past catch up with you? Well, actually, it’s never left your side.
Significant emotional and physical events from life, whether it’s 30 years ago or 300, stick with us.

Energy from people and events pool in our enduring subconscious minds and help to form us into who we are today. If we want to successfully change who we are, then we often need to go back and find the event.

Past-Life Regression can get this done.

At this point I usually get snickers snorts, guffaws, and other assorted bits of derision. That’s fine. It’s where that person is; it’s got nothing to do with me.
But I get significant amount of genuine, if quiet, interest, too, and that’s wonderful.

Helping a client get to and get through a previous lifetime is instantly gratifying. I get to watch pain being shed and happiness taking over. I’ve seen understanding and realizations light up faces and I know this light comes from inside.
The help that revisiting past lives brings is visible, tangible, and immediate.
I’ve seen privileged to see lives change immediately, literally right before my eyes. Pain and insecurity fall away and are replaced by the strength and beauty that was there all along. They stand tall after booting their past from their present.

Am I bragging? No. Not really.

Clients do all the work themselves. They heal themselves. They change their own lives. All I do guide them through it.
I’m grateful for the trust they place in me and the chance to help.


Crabby McSlacker said...

No snickers or snorts here.

Perhaps a little skepticism about whether these are real, actually-lived lives or whether they are mental constructs.

I tend to be skeptical about virtually everything that is unprovable (like pretty much all known religious and spiritual beliefs) because that's my nature. I know I'm in a tiny minority on this. It's not that I'm arguing that this stuff is NOT true--I just don't know and therefore can't believe it IS true either.

But I do believe that the mind is a powerful thing and that there are tons of things we don't understand about the universe. I have no doubt you are truly helping these people, whatever the mechanism, and they must be so grateful to feel so much better and see their lives change so positively.

Hope I haven't offended you--I honestly think you're doing a great service.

Leah J. Utas said...

You haven't offended me, Crabby.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Differences of opinion lead to good discussion. It forces us to think and to examine our beliefs.
There's a world of difference between disagreeing and being disagreeable.
You're right. The mind is a very powerful tool and we know so little about it.
And thanks telling me what I do is a great service. Made my day.