Thursday, May 31, 2007

Choose Love

Can one person make a difference?
By treating people with love you’ll change your own corner of the world. Others are changing their own corners of it, too. Added together it has a significant impact.
These changes go into the energy that surrounds the planet. Individually, they are small ripples. But these ripples meet and expand. That increases the original energy and it touches more people. These people are encouraged to make their own changes. That sends even more ripples in motion to touch and change the energy grid around the planet. Eventually, we get back what we’ve put out, greatly enhanced.
Start treating everyone with caring and compassion and you’ll soon see the difference in your life. But how do you start?
Kindness, caring, and compassion are love’s companions. They can be expressed in simple and painless ways. Even a smile for a harried cashier shows that you are thinking of others.
Here’s an example of kindness and what it can do. In the mid-1990s I was in Virginia Beach studying hypnosis. As I waited in the hotel lobby for the shuttle bus to take me to class, I saw a delivery truck driver walk toward the door. She was carrying a big, awkward package and had to get through a set of outer and inner doors to get inside. It looked difficult so I got up and held the doors open for her.
Unfortunately, she had gone to the wrong address and had to take the big package back to her truck. My bus hadn’t arrived yet so I got up and held the doors for her again.
“Well, thank you,” she brightened. “If I see you having trouble some time I am going to stop and help you.”
It was a simple gesture. All I did was open some doors, but she seemed surprised that I had done it. A simple act of kindness should be commonplace, not unusual.
“Love warriors, this is so simple. Treat one another well. That is being a love warrior. Feel the change in your world, that is, your corner of it, when you offer kindness,” said one of my guides. “These are simple things, everyday things, things no one thinks to do because they are so busy.”

The simplest way for each of us to have an impact on the world is offer kindness, consideration and compassion to everyone and everything.
We can do it. We can make it part of our routine. We can all learn it.
If we start out small, holding a door open, or smiling and saying thank you, it’ll be imprinted on our personalities. We’ll do it naturally. And we’ll each make a difference.Even the smallest work, perhaps just giving someone a hug makes a difference. Maybe this person felt alone or was upset and your hug gave him or her the incentive and energy to feel better. Perhaps to you the hug was insignificant, just something you knew the person needed and you could provide. But it may just have started the wheels spinning to change the world.


Dawn said...

I think you're onto something here, Leah. It is so easy to reach out and be that catalyst for change but so often we don't. We hold back for whatever reasons.

And I'm so pleased that none of your "ripples" were "on the lake" or there'd be another entry to rudely try to elbow my way past in the Google and Yahoo search pages! It feels as if half the world has used the term!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Yet another great reminder, Leah. I love that you share this stuff that sounds simple but makes such a difference in the world!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thank you, Dawn and Crabby.
And I'll be extra-careful about "ripples" from now on, Dawn