Friday, June 1, 2007

Writing My Heart Song

“Open a door for someone and you will find the door of heaven opens for you.”
-Merope, one of my guides

What makes your heart sing?
Writers need to write what they are passionate about. That’s what shines through in good writing.

Anyone can learn a subject, slosh it around a bit, and then regurgitate. A place for this exists in the world. It’s not a crime, only soulless.

I’ve been going on a bit about the importance of being kind and I will be doing that again shortly. But for today, I’m going to tell you why I’m doing it.

Because it matters.

The only thing that matter is how we treat people. This was underscored over at The Flightless Writer.
Love, caring and kindness are important for the daily reason of getting along with others, but also for the earth changes.

Yes, I’m one of those.

I’m passionate about the earth changes and the unseen, undiscussed world. I care about the paranormal, the preternatural, the preterhuman.
I want to learn about, write about, and experience for myself the unending world within our own subconscious minds and the power and energy inside us that we commonly chose to not use.
We have our reasons. They are individual as well as collective and they are valid. They are, however, not for me.

Ignoring the existence of what we can’t see or measure doesn’t mean it’s not there. We simply haven’t developed a receiver for it yet.
And that brings me to love warriors and the earth changes.

Changes, an ending, something big slated to happen in the world, has been in my mind since I can remember. Perhaps I overhead it or read about. Maybe it’s because we had Fate Magazine in the house and my mom talked about Edgar Cayce. It might be knowledge that I agreed to have with me as part of my pre-birth agreement. Probably all of the above.

My recent posts about love warriors are ultimately about the prophesied changes, how they affect people, and what we can do to help.
My guides have supplied much of the information. Their emphasis is love. They are correct. The information was channeled and often they were speaking as I was writing.

Call it flaky. Dismiss it if you must. Believe it or not as suits your personal comfort level. My guides have whispered to me to write about it and they have yet to steer me wrong. Writing with my guides makes my heart sing.

Love will mitigate the changes. Not stop them, but mitigate them. It will help our spiritual growth, too. What more can we ask?

“Perhaps that is the best way to describe the changes in the human condition following the upheavals,” said my guides.
“It is the coming of the final and complete true enlightenment, when humans see for themselves who they truly are in relation to the world beyond the five senses.”

We can all do our part to ensure these alterations go as smoothly as possible. The simplest way for each of us to have an impact on the world is offer kindness, consideration and compassion to everyone and everything.


Crabby McSlacker said...

I don't think there's anything the least bit flaky about love and the importance of it in the world and in our lives.

Your posts are always quite inspiring.

Leah J. Utas said...

Oh,thank you Crabby.
That's good to hear.

Dawn said...

Love and kindness toward one another are the only things that will save mankind. I admire that you're venturing down a path that we so often peek at but decide is to uncomfortable, would demand too much of us and so walk past.

I can see why you take photographs of roads leading through landscapes.

And thanks for the link!

Leah J. Utas said...

It hadn't occurred to me about my photos in relation to my path, Dawn. Thanks for pointing it out.
The link was my pleasure.