Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lessons and Teachers

Here’s something I hadn’t ever considered. My guides made this point to me and I see the wisdom of it.

Here it is:

The homeless person begging for change on the street may be a highly advanced soul. He or she might have chosen a harsh life to help others learn their lessons. Perhaps it’s by instilling compassion within them. Maybe it’s to bring up those feelings of disgust and loathing because those feelings underscore the need to develop compassion. It can also be that this person has chosen to experience physicality by being disengaged from mainstream life.

This can be difficult to understand because we’re used to comfort. We may have trouble understanding why someone would choose to live a harsh life. Deep down we fear it could happen to us. That’s a good part of the reason we react with loathing instead of love when are confronted with social issues like homelessness.

“The poor will always be with you, to paraphrase your Christian good book. Do you know what that means?” asked Moondrop. “It means there will always be others willing to sacrifice themselves to help their fellow humans learn the lessons of giving.”
“Helping the poor is helping yourselves.”
“And I ask you, ‘How can you say you love God when you ignore your neighbors? When you don’t reach out a hand to help the suffering when you can ease their plight, how can you say you love God?’”

“You must stop these petty jurisdictional fights. Tend your ill. Feed your hungry. It is not someone else’s problem–-it is everyone’s problem. When one is hungry or cold, everyone, everyone is diminished who allows this,” Merope added.
“The human collective spirit is diminished as one falls like this in deprivation. It is not the way. Love warriors help.”

“When one is hungry we all starve. We starve for the love that is withheld when one of us goes hungry. Hungry in the physical also spills out to others as hungry in emotion, and yes, resonates throughout humanity as a hunger in spirit.”

“There is to a lesser degree a hunger in the intellect, when the body suffers as does the mind be diminished. You must not let this continue.”

“And why don’t you see that? Why? Each gives as he or she can, it must all be honored. The importance is the love involved. If you do what you wanted to do with your life, whether you realize it or not, then you are a success. It is all necessary to the continuation of life on Earth.”

“Sorrow is felt here,” added Geon. “Sorrow for the millions who won’t feel love, won’t open to love.”


Crabby McSlacker said...

What an evolved way of looking at things! I never thought of someone unfortunate as really someone sacrificing in order to help others learn how to give.

I tend to take things at face value and not look much beyond that. Thanks for passing on the lesson!

Dawn said...

This certainly makes me look at some situations a little differently.