Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Taking Time

Take time for yourself and your thoughts and you’ll find out who you are.

Love of self leads to self-knowing. Many of us now are too busy to spend the time to do this.
“So busy filling their time with things. Activities, filling every moment so they don’t have to think.”
“And what does that do? What does your full life do for you? Where is your time to see how you have grown? What are the changes inside of you or are there even any? Have you taken the time to be you?”
Moondrop said this is about “becoming who you are and awakening and acknowledging your role in the greater life of human society.”
“Empowerment and awareness, it is the time. But for that there must be faith, real faith based on love, or there is no real good or improvement to be made within oneself.”
Inner calmness will give love warriors the kind of basis needed to be strong and ready.
“Open to love. It is all that is,” the Guides said together.
“Love is the way. Faith. Believe in what you feel. Feel love and have faith. Faith will grow and so will your love.”
The world is changing. We’ve got to be ready to meet these changes with love, steadfastness, calmness, and thinking of others. We’ve got to be love warriors.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Another good lesson.

I'm having a hard time with that these days. (And I just finished writing up a blog post on my addiction to Sitemeter, as further proof of my messed up priorities).

More love, more "taking time," less obsessing about statistics.

Virginia Lee said...

I'm in.

Dawn said...

You must cringe when you visit my site, Leah, with my nonstop "me,me,me"! I'm trying to be a love warrior and I try to treat people with love and respect. There's just so much happening that sometimes it's hard to step back and let it all flow past. It's just a temporary phase - honest!