Monday, June 11, 2007


Generosity is a form of kindness that comes back. Does this mean you have to give your last five dollars to charity? No, but it shows you have enough faith that you will be provided for.

“This means generosity of spirit,” said Merope. “When you feel the smallness, when you want to be petty and mean, turn it around and instead offer love. This is being a love warrior.”

Negativity also ripples out, gets enhanced, and finds its way back to you, the guides added. “Be a love warrior and find your faith to work with love. More people using faith will put this energy out and around, then it will wear off onto others and this will change our world.”

Love warriors share their love, even if it is just a general, impersonal love for everyone. Refusing to share your love is a form of greed. We need to take the chance and give out love without the expectation of getting it back. Release the expectation. Let love come back to you in its own time.

“Life cannot give enough to those who do not live from a base of love. This is greed and greed comes from a lack of faith. Faith comes from love. If you have no love, you’ll not believe in anything. Therefore, you have no faith,” said the Master (Moondrop’s title). “If you have no faith, you do not truly love.”

This does not refer to faith in the conventional, mainstream religious application. “That sense that has abandoned the truth and has caused more damage than is imaginable, yet it exists.”
“No, this is faith in your own soul and its eternity and that this is just a stopover, a stopover for learning like going to school. And graduation? That is when you leave this Earth and come home.”

The guides noted together, “If you believed in something beyond life, you would know you are all here (on Earth) to learn, and one of those lessons is love.”


Crabby McSlacker said...

Well, however one defines faith I'm sorely lacking in it. Perhaps that's why I'm so Crabby?

Nice post, though. I do agree that love and generosity are important, even though I need to get a lot better myself about the real-life application of both of them.

Dawn said...

I believe that what you give out eventually returns to you - although not usually by the same person or in a way that you expect.