Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Emergency Affirmation

I did an emergency affirmation yesterday and it worked beautifully. It was similar to what I wrote about in this post.
The emergency in question was me on a rickety stepladder in a windstorm refilling the bird feeders.

I don’t have a great sense of balance and have been known to randomly trip over the air. It’s controllable, though, and I’ve had great results with Gingko Biloba. I can actually take my hand off the handlebars to signal a turn while biking without listing dangerously to starboard.

Being on a 37-year-old wooden stepladder with nothing to grip to steady myself while reaching up and out to grasp the birdfeeder was moderately terrifying. Having the wind come straight for me did not help.

What to do?

Positive thinking was my best hope.

I repeated “Yes I can” over and over and louder and louder as I carefully eased the feeder down. As I did I focused as much of my energy as I could spare on my feet and mentally anchored them to the step I was on.

I was wonderful. It eased my fears immediately. I felt strong and confident and anchored and balanced.

I repeated the process to re-hang the feeder. Yes I can.
Sure, I was out in a windstorm talking to myself.
So what?
It worked.


bunnygirl said...

Way to go! I wonder if an affirmation will work for me when I try to get out of my lease so I can get my house?

Crabby McSlacker said...

Good for you Leah!

(Though here's another idea: don't try hanging bird feeders on the top of rickety ladders in the middle of windstorms! Wait 'til the weather calms down.) :)

I'm very glad your affirmation worked, but please, for your devoted readers' sakes, don't go breaking your neck on us!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Bunnygirl. Affirmations will do wonders for your lease issue, especially when used to augment the skill of a really good lawyer.

You're awfully sweet and thoughtful for a crab,Crabby.
I'll make every effort to not break my neck, or anything else.
It's interesting, I was reading this earlier when your comment appeared, but it doesn't register as existing on the main post.

Dawn said...

"Affirmations will do wonders for your lease issue, especially when used to augment the skill of a really good lawyer."

I do love your mindset, Leah!

But do I detect a spun sugar heart in there? Mmmm? Have to do bird feeders despite gale force wind because it's a rough ol' day and the feather friends will need their regular food!