Monday, June 4, 2007

Balance Is The Key

Being tuned to and aware of your love is important. We must be able to feel enough love to be able to care for all the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wounds coming to us during the changes.

“Big psychic wounds now, all hate and harm, separation of God in the physical must be changed,” said the guides.

“Balance,” all three of my guides insisted. “Balance is your key.” And part of that balance comes from gaining control over your emotions. Not denying them, just controlling them so they get expressed properly.

This is not to say you can’t be angry. Of course you can. Meditation will help you control your emotions instead of them controlling you. Put simply, you can temper your temper.

This calmness and ability to think will enable you to act in love, not anger. Humans have passion. We need it, but it must not control our lives. We must learn to keep it in balance. When passion is balanced it lets us get to the proper heart of matters instead of wrapping ourselves in anger or other strong emotions that cloud the real issue.

There is only love, the guides pointed out. The rest is illusion, mere touch points of agreement in our physical existence.

Calmness and balance are important parts of being a love warrior. You need them so you can know that you love yourself. Love of self brings with it the seed of faith. A seed is all you need. Acknowledge it. Feel it. Let it grow. Love of self gives you the strength to put your feelings out, and to dare to fail.

As you grow into a love warrior you’ll find it easier to see beyond the negative aspects of a situation. You’ll be able to keep arguments focused on ideas instead of having them devolve into personal attacks. Your reactions will be based on a true love of self. That will bring the calmness, strength, and love necessary to transmute a bad situation to something better.
“What that means,” explained my guide Merope, “is face the events of life with love.”


Crabby McSlacker said...

More wise words, Leah!

Anger is fortunately not one of my bigger struggles--I think selfishness is much more an issue for me. Temperamentally, I don't anger easily, and I'm pretty able to step back in most situations and separate out reality from emotional reactivity.

And thanks so much for asking about MSO's mom! In short, she's doing better, but recovery is slower than she'd hoped. Pain & post-surgical inflammation have been a problem, but she's hanging in there and getting better bit by bit. We're home now, though MSO has been making daily visits.

Dawn said...

I've tried meditating but found it - dare I say -boring! I don't think I gave it long enough to work through those issues because I'm sure most people would also go through that "what on earth am I doing sitting here staring at this flame for"? I find walks in a natural environment calming and good for getting back in touch with my inner self.

Michael said...

Your post does sound like words to live by, Leah. Especially for someone like me who has "Intermittent Explosive Disorder." It wouldn't be so bad, of course, if I didn't also have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, like the character played by Tony Shaloub on "Monk." Ugh - the two of them together can be so difficult. But I must admit, a certain amount of exercise and meditation can take the edge off and make my emotions more manageable.