Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two Sentence Tuesday – Eight Side Shoed Edition

I haven’t done much reading lately. The time goes too quickly and I keep having other things to do first. This must stop.
We still have our bedtime stories though. There’s always time for those.

We’re on book three of Warriors: Forest of Secrets, by Erin Hunter (Avon Books, 2003). The series is largely about warring clans of pussycats.

Two sentences from a recent night’s read:

"Halfway down the hollow she paused, stiffening as she sniffed the air. 'There are Thunderclan cats here!' she hissed."

I recently finished correcting the obvious mistakes in my NaNo novel from last year. I was tempted to use two sentences from it for what I’ve read, but that’s too much like navel gazing from the inside.
I’ve managed a bit of rewriting. Much more awaits.
One mistake was compounded by my use of auto correct during writing. I had to stop and think the other day what “eight side shoed” really meant. I decided it was probably “each side showed,” but now I want to write a story calling for octagonal footwear.

My current opening paragraph from my WIP, The Legend of Shallal:

"Atlal ran her fingers lightly over her breasts confirming they had restructured. The transformation to female from male went swiftly and appeared to be without incident. It usually was, but she still checked each time. "

For more, or to find out how to participate, please see the Women of Mystery.
The photo is of the morning sun peeking through the fog. It reminds me of my writing.


Hilary said...

I love that shot.. fog is so mysterious.

Octagonal shoes might be fun, but I suspect the matching socks would be uncomfy.

Leah J. Utas said...

Thank you, Hilary.
Good point about the socks.

the Bag Lady said...

Love your photo! Our sunrises have looked like that recently, too!

And I agree with Hilary about the matching sock dilemma. One wonders how many needles one would need to knit octagonal socks....

Clare2e said...

Octagonal feet are one thing, but collapsing and re-expanding breasts something else! Have you diabolical, geometric plans for those parts as well?

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks,dfBag Lady. That's from very early one fine July morning, though.
I'm not sure I'd want to think about the knotty knitting problem.

My plans are boringly undiabolical, Clare. But thanks for thinking me capable of it.

Barbara Martin said...

Very interesting beginning to your WIP, Leah. It has set my cogwheels moving.

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Barbara. Good to hear it had that effect.

Thomma Lyn said...

What a fun post! Sentences from a book about kitty clans, and the octagonal foot thing gave me the gigglesnorts.

Love your opening paragraph from your WIP. Just love it. :-D

Leah J. Utas said...

Thomma Lyn, thank you. It means a lot coming from you.
Meanwhile, I'm glad my adventures with autocorrect were good for a laugh. I know I shouldn't use it, but I can be really lazy.

The Fifth Sparrow said...

Have you read the book of short stories by Steve Martin? "Cruel Shoes". Similar vein. But you had to cut off toes to fit into his gorgeous shoes.

Love your opening paragraph! You just know men would do a lot of "checking" if they could grow breasts.

Can't wait for more.

Leah J. Utas said...

Hello 5th, I'm not familiar with the book. Sounds interesting.

Thanks so much for your kindness about my words.

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