Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Sentences -- Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday

When in doubt, change the title.
Those aren't really words to write by, but it does seem to help.
The vacation from the manuscript was good for many reasons including realizing the first title change wasn't good enough.
Saintree was a dull title. Just opening the file bored me. It helped me set the stage and focus on seeding some information about the town, but that's about all. Rewriting is supposed to make the story better and better includes making it more interesting.
I don't know how long the new title will stick. Maybe it doesn't matter. What's important is it's worked some magic for me.
Here are some fresh words from the renamed Blood Love: 
"To hold her, bodies pressed, breasts and bellies together- but oh it would be too much. Too much for Eury to not bring her mouth around to the slender, smooth neck throbbing with life, rip her fangs into the delicate flesh, and drink her dry."
I've finally gotten around to reading A Little Princess. I'm just past the halfway mark and Sara Crewe has already become one of my favourite characters in one of my favourite books.
She is smart and strong and brimming with imagination. She understands human nature better than most of us.
The writing in it is so good that I found myself, like the heroine, sympathizing with a rat. That takes some doing.
Here's a bit of dialogue from Sara to another child:
" 'Well,' she said with some fire. 'I should like to slap you --but I don't want to slap you!' restraining herself. 'At least I both want to slap you--and I should like to slap you--but I won't slap you. We are not little gutter children. We are both old enough to know better.' "
-A Little Princess, Frances Hodgson Burnett (Puffin Classics, 2008)
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the Bag Lady said...

I can't say as I recall ever reading the Little Princess, so may have to pick that one up.

Your lines are interesting!

Leah J. Utas said...

Bag Lady, I recommend the book. Thanks.

Dawn said...

I like the title change....much more suited from what you've shared with us.
My FAVORITE book of all times...that Little Princess.

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Dawn. It's helped quite a bit.

Bossy Betty said...

Love the title change!

Dawn said...

Another Dawn approving the title change. Sounds much more exciting.

Reb said...

The new title has more power behind it. Good lines. I am not sure I have read the Little Princess either, but, it sounds interesting.

Leah J. Utas said...

Thank you, Dawn. Glad you concur.

Reb, I thought so, too. Glad it's not just me.
I strongly recommend A Little Princess.

Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Great work, Leah! I, too, find rewriting and retitling invigorating. It's always an evolving process, isn't it?
Thanks for participating in 2sentenceTuesday, and the link. I've updated my post to include a link to your fine post!
Best wishes with "Blood Love."

Dorte H said...

Great idea to change the title - it must change one´s perspective, somehow.

Leah J. Utas said...

Thank you for your enthusiasm and kind words, Kathleen.

Dorte, it really does.

messymimi said...

Great title, and words to make me want to read more.

Burnett also wrote, if memory serves, Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Secret Garden. She could make you see the characters, and see through them, too, to what they really were. The good ones were really good, through and through.

Leah J. Utas said...

Messymimi, thanks for the support. I didn't know about Little Lord Fauntleroy. It'll go on my list.