Monday, April 13, 2015

Gratitude Monday - Life As It Is

I am grateful I live a life that allows me to express my creativity in whichever way comes to mind.
I've just finished editing one of my husband's manuscripts and feel like exploring the creativity of sitting around doing nothing.
This lets my mind wander and in the wandering refreshes itself.
I am grateful for that, too.
I have two current manuscripts of my own to work on plus a third that may deserve another look.
In the last few days I  have also made my own version of chipotle-cilanto sauce, a creative work in itself.
After looking up what goes into such a thing I gathered a few ingredients that I decided would work and whirred them together. They were mixed into a mayo and homemade coconut sour cream sauce along with some lime juice.
It was exactly what I wanted. It went well with the beanizza (bean pizza) I made and is a wonderful topping on baked potatoes.
Making this is as creative as writing or drawing or anything else and I am grateful to do it.


Anonymous said...

I am grateful for "Gratitude Monday." Wandering mind, being creative…it all sounds lovely!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thank you, Kimberley.

messymimi said...

Having time to let your mind wander and see what it comes up with is a beautiful thing.

Leah J. Utas said...

Aye, Messymimi.

Tabor said...

That is certainly an interesting salsa and not something I would ever have thought about. I bet it was refreshing.

CARLA said...

YES YES YES nothing restores my creativity like allowing the "boredom" (my word not yours) to seep in.

solarity said...

A wandering mind is a well rested mind.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Leah J. Utas said...

Tabor, it's the best.

Carla, it has to be emptied before it can be refilled.

Mary Anne, I so agree.