Tuesday, April 21, 2015

To Talk About That Weird Stuff

There are plenty of places to talk about that weird stuff.
This is one of them.

Years ago when I moved to Rocky things started happening. To lead in, the day I moved in to my apartment, Wednesday Nov. 30, 1988, my mother said, "Maybe you'll put down roots here."
Possibly. Or simply her desire that at age 30 I would stay in one place rather than keep moving from newspaper to newspaper.
Either way,  it is what occurred and I am pleased as all get out over it.
Now, back to the weird.

Perhaps it was because I became comfortable here and maybe on some level I knew I'd stay, but shortly after settling in the spiritual side of life asserted itself.
When I went to bed I'd lace my hands together over my lower rib cage.
It  was comfortable. Physically it still is.
But then, as I fell closer to sleep I felt my legs rise. I was aware of them on the bed and under the covers where they belonged, and yet they lifted in the air.
As this happened my hands locked.
The bedroom light was on. In real life it was not, but I was aware of the room being fully lit and that's how I recall it.
This happened for several months. Having my hands locked together bothered me, but the rising legs were fine. In fact, I would forget about it during the day and only when I laced my hands together at night did I remember.
Eventually I did remember and looked forward to the rising with both joy and trepidation.
They got quite high. At some points there were straight up. Then I'd fall asleep.
This lasted most of the first year I lived in Rocky,
I believe now it was my guides or angels slowly introducing me to a spiritual awakening, making sure I was okay with it.
It's a good way to proceed.
For years I'd lace my hands together when resting then immediately unlace them, remembering how upsetting it is to me to have them locked.
I can do that now. I've finally gotten past it, but what I haven't gotten past is how great it felt to have my legs rise out of my body.
That I miss.


Kimberley said...

Is it "weird" or is it just stuff? Thanks for sharing your experience…and I like the part about November 30…that's my special day!

Leah J. Utas said...

In my view it is just stuff, Kimberley. The use of weird is to forewarn.

messymimi said...

What's weird to me is that people can deny that there exists a spiritual dimension that we cannot see.

Leah J. Utas said...

Agreed, Messymimi.

Tabor said...

What an interesting experience. What a good sight you have to understand it and not dismiss it. It is only weird if you were frightened and did not want it to happen.