Monday, April 14, 2008

Gratitude Monday – Heart and Hike Edition

Siffleur Falls

It is my great good fortune to live near the mountains. Our section of the Canadian Rockies has plenty of hikes and range from easy to strenuous. On Sunday we took one on the Kootenay Plains that leads to Siffleur Falls. It’s an easy hike with only one real steep section and it is not that steep.
It’s an easy drive out, too. It’s an hour and 45 minutes from Rocky on good highway. It makes for a good day out in the mountains.
I am especially grateful that I can do this hike after having gone through congestive heart failure before Christmas and then slipping back in to atrial fibrillation in February.
Last Thursday my lungs didn’t feel right. My chest was heavy toward the bottom of my ribcage and my lungs felt like they were being tickled inside.
I spent three hours in emergency getting checked out and it appears to have only been heartburn andor anxiety.
The doctor asked me if I’d had heartburn.
Then he asked if I’d had any anxiety.

Yes, after my lungs started feeling all tickly I sure did get anxious. I did my best to control it, though. I refuse to succumb to suggestion.
Thursday’s chest X-Ray has been forward to Red Deer Regional Hospital for a more learned opinion. If there’s anything I’ll hear about it shortly. It is my position that there is nothing to hear.
I’m grateful that I got it checked out and that the doctor was thorough. He even spoke to my cardiologist at the U of A about it before setting me free.
I’m grateful for the good care, and I’m grateful that I was able to go hiking with my husband yesterday.

Mike, who is part of the forest in his own way. And me, on the trail to Siffleur Falls.


Leah J.Utas said...

Again with the virus spam.

bunnygirl said...

What a beautiful place for hiking! You definitely are blessed.

I hope you hear only good news about your latest tests!

Leah J.Utas said...

Hello Bunnygirl. It is a beautiful spot. Thanks for your well-wishes.

Hilary said...

Wow, that's a beautiful shot of the falls. What a wonderful area.

You keep that ticker running smoothly! Sending best thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, how beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful hike, and thank you for sharing your pictures! Hiking is one of my absolute favorite things to do... there's nothing like being out in nature to refresh, recharge, and reinvigorate. :)

I'm glad you got checked out! Sounds like you have good doctors, and I will be hoping that all is okay.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Gorgeous photos!

And yeah, it's good you got your symptoms checked out promptly. Glad to hear it was nothing to worry about!

Leah J.Utas said...

Thanks everyone for your concern and well-wishes.

Hilary - There's a viewing platform with a good, solidly built fence that allows people to stand over the gorge and shoot toward the falls. It's a wee bit scary but it's the best way to get pics. I appreciate the compliment.

Thomma Lyn - I agree about the regenerative powers of spending time in nature. I'm happy to share my pics. You recent post reminded me how much I love waterfalls.

Crabby - I'll be posting some more scenics from the hike. I want to go back once everything is thawed and get some more.

the Bag Lady said...

dfLeah - great photos! Love the frozen falls - that looks so cool.
And I agree with everyone else in hoping that the tests all come back with good results.
Thanks for another great Gratitude Monday.

Leah J.Utas said...

dfBag Lady - The falls are magnificent, even frozen.
Thanks for the well-wishes.

Reb said...

Love the photos Leah. I am glad you went and got checked out too and hope all is well.

Leah J.Utas said...

Thanks, Reb. I'm glad I got checked, too.

Jay said...

Beautiful photos!

Leah J.Utas said...

Thanks, Jay.