Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peace and Contentment

I accomplished something today which gave me a great sense of peace and contentment.
I felt as though I had mastered something. Perhaps even conquered it.
I reasoned out and properly set up some speakers on our computer.
Yesterday my husband had the day off and decided I needed a belated anniversary gift. I’d been wanting proper speakers so he came home with Altec Lansing (shameless product naming) surround speakers. Five of ‘em and a subwoofer. Monday morning I didn’t know what a subwoofer was. By noon I had one.
Instructions? Oh, yeah. Pictures. In order of use. With numbers 4a and 4b. It said to determine what system we had and go to that section.
I don’t know anything, but I hooked stuff up mostly according to whatever directions suited my fancy.
The rear speakers worked.
I left to do an interview for a freelance piece.
In the evening we tried all manner of things to get all the speakers to work and Mike put some speakers up on the wall. We gave up and watched television.
We tried later on, but gave up in favor of a fresh start in the morning.
Today I re-reconnected things then went to the store to ask. Fella there hadn’t hooked up a system like this, but we discussed what the back of my computer looked like. That is, do I have a 6-channel or 2-channel sound card?
Went home, tried the auxiliary connection. Nothing. Checked a portable CD player. Nothing.
Gave up. Hooked up rear speakers and left to make stew and do other household things.
Put in load of laundry. Realized there’s an “Aux In” button on the wireless remote for said speakers that really ought to be pushed.
Re-hooked green cable to aux on subwoofer.
Sound. Glorious surround sound.
I had chosen 4a when I should have chosen 4b.
Now I know.
I had help, but ultimately I did this myself. I figured out the problem and took care of it.
It has given me a great sense of accomplishment and mastery. It has also given me a great sense of peace in that I sorted something out and took care of it.
What about you? Does mastering a task give you peace, contentment and accomplishment?
Or does it simply mean a task is done?


Polly Kahl said...

Wow, that's impressive! You should be very proud of yourself for that one. Yes, I am the fix-it queen around here, and I find that artistic abilities go a long way toward being able to camaflage repairs. A friend of our son's broke a lamp base and I epoxied it back together and then painted the repair cracks (of about ten pieces) so you can't even tell. Our younger son hit the ceramic bird bath with the lawnmower and broke the bottom off and into fragments, and again I epoxied it and painted it, then varnished it since it's an outdoor piece. I sew, glue, paint, whatever it takes. It's amazing how good it feels and saves a lot of money too. But I have to admit to passing those electronic jobs on to our fourteen year old. Like I said, I am VERY impressed by your recent accomplishment!

Reb said...

Oh, nice gift. You should be proud of yourself! I get those moments of peace & contentment when I have done something like that too.

lovely photo.

the Bag Lady said...

Good for you! I end up having to do all those sorts of things, usually, because hubby is almost always gone. I can definitely relate to the sense of accomplishment and peace that it brings.
And how nice of your hubby to buy such a great gift!

the Bag Lady said...

And I love the photo!!!!

tokaiangel said...

That's great work! I'm terrible for hiding away when things need doing - I generally ignore the problem until somebody (Boy) gets so cross with me that they do it for me. BUT I'm trying to change and take things on. And the sense of satisfaction is enormous when I do!

TA x

Crabby McSlacker said...

It's taken me forever to learn that the key to most of those frustrating mechanical things is persistence.

I have no aptitude for assembling things, but if I hang in there long enough, often a solution presents itself.

Glad you kept at it!

Leah J. Utas said...

Polly, thanks. I am proud of myself for it. I'm adequate at hooking things up like DVDs, CD players, VCRs, etc. and I quite enjoy it. I can hook things up to the computer, but I really am over my head.
Good for you for bringing an artistic bent to repair projects. That's beyond me.

Reb, it is a nice gift. Thanks about the photo.

dfBag Lady, it really is a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

TA, thanks.Taking on new stuff is great.

Crabby, thanks. I have some mechanical aptitude. Mostly I like doing stuff with my hands.

MizFit said...

so depends on the task for me.

whether its a 'dear to my heart' or a need to get finished (hello renewing drivers license online).

need to find more of the former to do----end up mired in the latter.

Leah J. Utas said...

Mizfit, most definitely find things dear to your heart.

Missicat said...

Good for you! In the past few weeks I have purchased a new computer and set it up properly (I hope) plus bought a set of shelves with sliding doors on the bottom section which I also set up! With no "what is THIS?" parts left over! Definitely felt as sense of accomplishment...

WeightingGame said...

it sounds strange but now that i think about it, there is something extremely satisfying about putting together an entertainment stand or bookshelf or something that requires a screwdriver, hammer and (wo)manpower. especially if it only came with barebones, not-in-english instructions - I just feel so smart and capable!
Congrats on the new woofers!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Missicat. Good for your for setting up your computer and shelves. It's so good when all the parts get used.

Hello Weightinggame. Thanks, and it's great to feel-and be- capable.

Clare2e said...

I do find satisfaction in projects like that, even with their frustrations. I assume if other shmoes have accomplished it, eventually I can, too. Congrats on your dulcet tones!

Leah J. Utas said...

Clare2e, thanks. Perhaps it's the frustrations that makes them satisfying?

Thomma Lyn said...

What a beautiful picture. Yes, accomplishing something makes me feel very proud and contented, too. :)

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, TL.